• Seboom
  • December 06, 2021
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Dear KARD fans,

The producer in charge of the KARD European tour has sent us an official press release.

We are really sad to see the cancellation of this tour but it was clearly time to have a final decision so that you can get your refunds.

For refunds, here is the process we will follow.

If you have a VIP or VVIP ticket, HXL & EVENTS (in collaboration with Weezevent) will take care of the refunds. You should have already received an email from us to complete an information document. If you haven't received it, send us an email ( Refunds will be spread over the month of December / January.

If you have another ticket, the Alhambra venue is in charge of the entire refund process. They will contact you by email to finalize the process. In view of the number of tickets they have to reimburse (over all the concerts in the venue schedule), the process will be a little longer.

But rest assured that each person will get their refund. We will remain reachable by email or on social networks if you have any additional questions.

We are coming to the end of the road and we hope that the year 2022 will be more conducive to concerts and that we can finally get together in a concert hall.


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