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ROAD TO KINGDOM – ONF se classe 3ème!

Le 14 Mai dernier, l’émission « Road to Kingdom » a donné son verdict sur le premier tour de compétition, qui s’est déroulé sous le thème « Song Of King »! Les 7 groupes en compétition ont ainsi choisi de réaliser des covers de groupe tel que H.O.T, TVXQ ou SHINEE. ONF avait décidé de reprendre la célèbre chanson


We have to announce the unfortunate postponement of [WILD KARD EUROPE TOUR 2020]in 4 cities due to serious spread of novel COVID-19 virus and subsequent ban on travel, performance and public gathering.

We have reviewed various options to continue the tour schedule for the fans of KARD. However, countries with ban on performance are increasing and the safety of the artists and fans are our top priority.
Therefore, we came to a difficult decision to postpone the tour to prevent damages from the virus. 

It is not a cancellation of the tour;


The French, Swiss and Bulgarian governments are taking more and more strict decisions concerning COVID-19. For the sake of the fans, ONF members and all the staff’s health security, we decided to postpone the "ONF EUROPE TOUR".

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