3YE Paris Concert

Date : 2022, October 30th
Concert Venue : Petit Bain

La vente des billets débutera ce dimanche 7 août à 16h00 !

All informations about the 3YE concert is available on this page.

You can find here the different prices with direct links to the ticket website, all the information about the concert venue, how to access it, as well as a Q&A.


  • Standing Zone
  • Online Goodies Pre-Order Access
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GA Hi-Touch

  • Standing Zone
  • Hi-Touch
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  • Standing Zone
  • Early Access
  • Fan Sign Event
  • Hi-Touch
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28 Octobre 2022
Salle de Spectacles de Renens
Producer : MKC EVENTS


25 Octobre 2022
Sofia Live Club

Concert Venue : Petit Bain

  • Comment se rendre au Petit Bain?

    Vous pouvez vous rendre à Petit Bain avec le Métro 6 (Quai de la Gare) ou le Métro 14 / RER C (Bibliothèque François Mitterrand). Vous pouvez également prendre le Bus 62 (arrêt Bibliothèque Nationale de France), le Bus 89 (arrêt Quai de la Gare), le Bus 61 (arrêt Quai de la Gare), le Bus 64 (arrêt pont de tolbiac) ou le Bus 71 (arrêt Quai de la Gare).

  • Puis-je garer ma voiture à Petit Bain?

    We strongly advise you to park your car and come to the concert venue by bus or by subway.

Q&A 3YE Paris Concert

Can i cancel my ticket/be refunded?

It is usually impossible to cancel a ticket and be refunded.

Contact for more information

How old should I be to attend a concert?

Over 16 years old, you have access to the concert venue.

Under 16 years old, you have to come with a person who is at least 16 years old.

What is concert day schedule?

Will be announced soon!

Who takes care of official numbering?

HXL & EVENTS is responsible of the numerotation.

No other numbering will be taken into account by the HXL & EVENTS team.

More information coming soon.

Where can I get 3YE Concert Goodies?

To buy 3YE merchandising, 2 options :
  • Pre-order available on HXL & EVENTS website, section "Shop"
  • Buy on site, the day of the concert, directly at the merchandising stand

You can pay by credit card or cash.

Is it possible to have your goodies pre-order sent to you?

Can't be sent to your home.

You will have to pick up and pay your order directly at the "merchandising" stand, at the concert venue.

What is a Hi-Touch?

A Hi Touch is one of your best chances to see your idols up close and personal. Basically, the idols stand on one side of the table, hand up, palm out, poised and ready. You are in a line of people. All the fans file past the idols, giving each one a high five, blurting out the most important thing they ever wanted to say to their faves.

What is a Fan Sign Event?

During a Fan Sign Event, each members of a group is sitting behind a desk and each fan can meet them during around 1 minute each to talk to them.
Each fan will spend around 1 member with each member to talk, give gifts,...

Don't bring food or big size gifts if you want to offer something.

It will be forbidden to take pictures during your Fan Sign Event.

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