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  • March 02, 2022
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Dear fans,

We are coming back to you to share the situation on ticket refunds for KARD and ONF concerts! We will explain everything to you in details so that you fully understand the situation. We have nothing to hide and we can assure you that the situation benefits us in no way. We just want everything to be finished, all the fans to be reimbursed, so that we can work on new projects.

To make it as simple as possible, we are going to explain the two situations that we are facing.

The first situation concerns VIP and VVIP tickets (169 and 199 euros per ticket) for KARD concert. For these tickets, HXL & EVENTS takes care of the refund directly since we used our own ticket system with Weezevent.
After receiving all the reimbursement requests by email, which we analyzed to be sure that it was the right people who were reimbursed with the right amounts, we started the transfers (automatic or manual depending on your situation).
We can tell you that we have already refunded more than 60% of VIP and VVIP tickets. We really thought we could refund everything around January/February but to be completely transparent with you, we still have a problem with the Korean producer. There are still invoices which have still not been reimbursed to us and which are just essential, for us, to continue and finish the last reimbursements. We have already put all our savings to be able to reimburse most of it. When the Korean producer refunds all of the invoices to us, the refunds will only take a few days to be 100% finished! We are in contact every week with the Korean producer to speed up the process, but when it comes to refunding money, strangely they take longer than when they take the money. But we are sure that every VIP and VVIP will be refunded in the next weeks/months. It's just impossible for us to tell you exactly when.


The second situation concerns all other tickets, all tickets for ONF and non-VIP/VVIP tickets for KARD.
For these tickets, we had to go through the official ticketing system of the Alhambra (the concert venue for both events) for which we paid for this service. We never received the money from the sales since the concert never took place and the Alhambra still has the money.
Whenever we had confirmation of cancellations from the labels/producers, we have always sent an email the same day to report it to the Alhambra.
For you to understand, they are the ones who have the responsibility and the power to refund all the tickets and contact fans. We have no control over their software, their employees or their bank accounts.

Now we know that they are still in the reimbursement process but it is very difficult to know exactly how many people have been reimbursed. Each refund is made by check and must be sent by post. I can say it openly, it's a beautiful mess! But as said before, we don't have our hands on it. We call the venue to get things moving faster and we know for example that the person in charge of the ticket office was changed a few weeks ago.
But unfortunately that's the only thing we can do. We put a little pressure to make them understand that it is absolutely necessary to move forward on reimbursements if we want to be able to set new dates in their venue for new concerts. Refunds are going to be slow but we fully understand that fans are upset about the situation.
You can try to call them, send them emails every week or even pay them a visit in Paris if you are nearby so that together we can finally end this wait.


To end this little article, we really want to tell you that we are not against fans trying to save time or money. We can assure you that if everything had been settled for December 2021, for example, we would have signed immediately.

We gain nothing in this situation! We are losing money and we are losing all the reputation we were able to build before Covid-19. Each person present for an HXL & EVENTS concert has always been warmly welcomed. We have always fought to give you VIP benefits that no one else wants to fund for fans without putting exorbitant prices in the end.

We just want these reimbursements to be made as soon as possible and depending on outside companies annoys us (to be polite) to the highest degree.

We will redo a complete point at the beginning of April with always the same transparency. If you have any questions/comments, you can always email us (

Thank you so much for your patience and we can assure you that every fan will get their money back!

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