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  • April 20, 2021
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As you now know, the ONF European tour was canceled after several postponements.

We will now give you all the information, which will be updated weekly, on the refund process.

ONF PARIS / France

For Paris concert, the Alhambra concert venue is responsible for the ticket office and will therefore take care of the reimbursement of tickets.

An official release will be published in the next few days.   

ONF LAUSANNE / Switzerland

The reimbursement request for the Lausanne concert has already started. Each person who wishes to be reimbursed, must send their request directly to the site below:


You will need to enter your e-mail address and your ticket number in order to finalize the refund request.

For all holders of goodies orders, you will have to complete the reimbursement form set up by MKC EVENTS on the following link: https://bit.ly/3tHb3kw.

ONF SOFIA / Bulgaria

The local producer is in the process of finalizing the reimbursement process. The refunds by credit card could be made and there are only the refunds that require a bank transfer.

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