ROAD TO KINGDOM - 3rd Place for ONF!

On May 14th, "Road To Kingdom" finished the first round of competition, under "King Of Song" theme!

7 competitors decided to do covers of famous group like H.O.T, TVXA or SHINee.

ONF did the cover of the famous song "Everybody" by SHINee with an amazing performance!
Better than words, we let you discover their entire performance with this video to give you the opportunity to have your own opinion!

At the end of the first round, votes have been counted to give the final ranking :

1st place – THE BOYZ
2nd place – PENTAGON
3rd place – ONF
4th place – TOO
5th place – GOLDEN CHILD
6th place – VERIVERY
7th place – ONEUS

ONF starts with a beautiful 3rd place and we wish the best for the rest of the competition.

Don't forget that ONF is coming to Europe at the end of year with their european tour, where they will stop to Lausanne, Sofia and Paris.
Find all informations of their Europe Tour on ONF Event page..

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